What Is A Mug?

- May 02, 2018-

   The  mug is coated with a special ceramic image coating (high temperature  resistance, UV resistance, strong adhesion to the ceramic surface, high  hardness, resistance to cratering).

   Mugs are a kind of homemade cups and are generally used for hot drinks such as milk, coffee, and tea. Some countries in the West also have the habit of drinking soup during a break at work. The cup body is generally a standard cylindrical or cylindrical shape with a handle on one side of the cup body. The  shape of the handle of the mug is usually a half ring, usually made of  pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic. There are also a few mugs made of natural stone, which are generally expensive.

   The biggest  difference between mugs and Chinese tea cups is that in addition to  their large size, the cups are also thicker to maintain the temperature  of hot drinks. For ease of use, most porcelain mugs are  designed for direct use in microwave ovens and in dishwashers, but there  are a few special cases that need to be used and maintained in  accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.