How to Storage and Maintenance Ceramic Gifts ?

- Oct 20, 2017-




With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for daily ceramics is also growing and improving. A batch of high-quality and healthy ceramics for daily use are more and more popular and welcomed by people. Maintenance details of ceramic gifts:

   (1) the ideal storage method for porcelain is to place porcelain in a custom-made box. There are sponges or foam pads in the box. Don't put two pieces of porcelain together. If you have to put them together, you must use foam to separate them. It is best to display on the fixed wooden shelves, such as shelf made of solid wood.

  (2) when playing with porcelain, hands should be kept clean and dry, and the ring should be removed, because the ring will scratch the glaze of the porcelain. Do not wear gloves with porcelain, porcelain because it is easy to slide from the hand, bottle, mobile device for the large statue of a large body, are generally two spliced, so not a mobile object at the upper part of the neck. One should hold the bottom of one hand and hold the neck in one hand so as not to separate the two pieces which have been stitched together. Some bottles and statues are decorated with two ears. We should not only mention the ears when we take them, so as not to break or damage them.

To seize the main artifacts, and do not handle or porcelain accessories parts, because these places are very easy to break, or handle is sticky, you catch the handle easily again raking off, picked up a seat in with cover, porcelain, the seat cover and the main body respectively, Nathan. Not even the seat cover together end to part of the first to separate, to prevent moving off break.

   (3) porcelain figure sculpture in place, should pay attention to hair and fingers beware of sculpture, because the most slender prominent, easy to damage. At the same time put in sculpture, not a single hand sculpture of the head, because the head of a statue, hand mostly is directly inserted into the neck or body to, to prevent the separation of head and body, it should be on hand to hold back the statue, a statue of the hand. In the hands of porcelain market, large bowl must hold hands, bogey with a single hand to take the plate, bowl side, in order to prevent rupture.

Encounter people appreciation, one by one, to be a person to enjoy after the porcelain on the wooden table, the next person to appreciate again, two people will not pass the porcelain hand in hand, just in case.

 (4) the usual maintenance can be wiped with a wet cloth porcelain. Brush the porcelain dust with a soft brush and brush the chink in porcelain with a soft brush. Do not use water to clean unglazed ceramics directly, because the ceramic has water absorption, and the unearthed ceramic appearance is loose, and some of the body make-up soil has been like powder, can not be cleaned.