Properly Maintain The Pen

- Oct 20, 2017-

1, correct use of iridium pen

The pen tip with positive writing, write positive iraurita pen tip for a long time will be thicker, both sides can write.

Second, the ink should be fixed brand, for another kind of ink, should be cleaned and then sucked.

Third, the skin tube should always keep ink, not increase the air, resulting in too much water or leakage.

2, after writing to put the cap buckle

This can protect the pen, not to dry ink should affect the writing, pen fell down, the cap can be a good way to protect the nib.  Some people say the best experience, the end cap buckle in pen writing. In this way, if the pen falls down, the pen end is heavy, the nib will not touch the ground first, and it is also a way to protect the nib. The metal shell pen is best not to buckle, easy to wear the shell coating.

3, the fountain of water is not smooth solution

When the water is cool, the ink solidified in the nib is also opened. At this time, the pen can be washed again.

The first use of water after cleaning and washing powder and water pumping, then wash it, it will be very smooth.

If there is no physical damage to the pen, the ink in the ink can stop the pipe, and then it can be washed and cleaned.

4, the use of ink

It's better to use the same brand of ink. Good ink does not harm your pen.

Every time you don't have to take too much ink, some pens get too much water when the water is full.

Don't mix different ink together, so it hurts the pen most.

Caution: never use ink as ink! Because there's gum in the ink!

5, after use for a period of time, should be cleaned

Take apart the pen and immerse the water sucking device and the pen (that is, the part connecting the water suction device and the NIB) into the warm water for the night. Back into the ink absorption device, the pen dipped in warm water, and then hold the ink suction middle press ink absorption device, until the last wash, dry with a soft cloth after use.

If the cleaning is invalid, you can try with alcohol, but be careful, otherwise it will welcome the new feeling!

6, do not lean against the pen nib writing

If you like the words with fine strokes, buy a very fine pen. Never write against a nib. A lot of people write it backwards, and I've done it too. The result is: write the pen nib directly, draw the paper badly, write very uncomfortable, the pen will become more and more coarse, the quality of the nib will crack.

7, others

When writing in paper pad papers, in order to enhance the tip of elasticity, reduce friction.

The pen should not be written on hard materials such as metal, to prevent the damage of the nib.

The pen should be cleaned every month, so as to keep the ink flowing smoothly.

Pens should be washed and preserved if they are not used for a long time.