Promotional Gift Solution

- Feb 28, 2018-

   Many suppliers are thinking over how to offer a suitable gifts solution to clients,but somestimes it is not easy and taking over time or make high side on the budget .In one word,they lose their prupose and step. 

   Belowing there are five points to follow up to make a reasonable gift solution.


   1)Bear the purpose on mind of your corporate gifts 

    That's mean the enterprise need to clear what they want to get after the gifts sending out .To customize own gifts with a enterprise logo,normally it's for raising the company's stuture, or buliding good social image,even encouraging clients to try they products/service or cultivate loyalty.Anyways,the suggestion is that to make it based on life cycle of product for a enterprise .eg. a)In initial stage we can use advertising gifts to let customers know your branding production. b)During period of growth,we can make promotional gifts to lead customers keep using your products.c)At mature step,it's suitable to customized the giveaways to let clients keep the sincerity of your products .

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2)Working out a plan for the promotion activity

  Choosing the most suitable gifts is important to achieve your target,and the people in charge can't make it with his limited experience and a fixed way from up to down.But the plan should be depend on the enterprise status and leaded by the income and margin,and in place by from down to up way,so it can be win win both side .


3)Runing the right way of your promotion activity

Try to  cooperate well with the gift manufactuor/sales team and gifts distributor.Not only the gift coverage rate,but budget also important .We need to choice the the wide-range with lower costing gifts. On the other hands,the promotional gifts should be complied well with enterprise image,and satified by  clients from different zone.Last,build up with good relastionship  gift manufactuor/sales team and gifts distributor.

4)Clear your advertising gift topic and effect you want

The promotional gifts you make it should follow up with the topic of your products and the advantages,so don't mix up with different topic in the items while just put the same logo . Show out all your branding good points to customers .


5.Do survey and evaluation to your promotion effect

Make a standard to follow up your promotion activity,which is good for your revision with improvment in future promotion.You can consider to cooperate with a marketing investigation company .

   Hope these five points can be helpful for you to make a promotion activity .