How to Choose a Executive Pen

- Oct 20, 2017-


 Executive pens are common use in daily work and life. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a ball point pen or gel pen? Belowing tips are letting you to get the quality pen:

  Metal gel pen was assembling with these findings(cap/holder/ring/inside refill), while the glue which is fixing pen cap,but plastic is easy to fall off; One more,The nib during stress writing is also very easy to top off. 

Standard writing pen GB angle is 47 degrees, inferior or inferior ink NIB only in vertical writing, the pen hold slightly inclined a little difficult to write or write (by mean of about 47 degrees, counterclockwise, fast circle is a good way to test the intuition ballpoint pen).


   In addition to the poor quality ink, as well as the pipeline ball pen, which it use inferior cavity rough and  oil cannot follow at the end. Sealing wax and elastic to ball pen, these will be stored for a long time or transportation or in use process problems.

Poor quality ink can not be used in the environmental temperature range of 0-40 degrees C national standard, hot weather will flow ink; the weather is cold and can not write out.

Not only the writing is not smooth,it also has water element. Sometimes it looks like no problem, but it will happen at last after shipment .

 Gel pen is a new product, gel ink pen and refill with industry standards, no national standards, but industry standards than the national standards more stringent requirements for technology and production process of immature, prone to ink, condensation and crystallization phenomenon of rough back. Many manufacturers are uppity unsparingly, especially the nominal 0.5mm or 0.38mm needle pen, most of the products will after 3-5 months to write.

  Many are not opaque gel refill according to GB / T4306 - 92 (GB) requirements  quantity, only near the tip of 1-2 cm ink; some transparent pen core near the nib 1 centimeters can be written in ink and others can't achieve .