Where to get a new custom gifts with our logo ?

- Dec 20, 2017-

    When the scale of enterprises develops, they usually consider promotional gifts. Not only it achieve advertising effect,  and it can show the images of your enterprises and sense of worth of your company , which is also the reason as the increasing demand for custom gift from Kinglaiky Industrial Ltd .


   Enterprises exchanging gifts in business meeting, not only a kind of good etiquette , and it is the way to promote your business and company,which it can let the other party remember you more deeply. Businesses in the usual  promotional gifts with logo branding, it will make the consumers  have an impression of the enterprise, advertising effect is also achieved.

  How to brand your gifts ?, firstly we should care the gift quality and design detail , and consider how to put your concept on every detail to express your thinking.

  According to the application of gifts: it can assort as business gifts/exhibition gifts/holiday gifts/sport gifts/medical gifts and other giveaways . According to the types of gifts can be setted as: digital electronics/Home Furnishing home textile/office supplies/outdoor car category/craft gifts...etc.

   So what is the most poplular custom gifts ?

  Digital electronic class USB, power bank, LED lamp is the most favored for the time being .

Vodafone gift soultion.jpg

   All these gifts can be apply to customers with promotional purpose/office use or employee welfare etc,which it's  a more scientific and practical electronic products, widely loved by young people. Corporate gift set is also a better choice for business gifts. But how to fit a gift box with fashion units,it's also very important. Our company Kinglaiky Indudtrial Ltd  is professional in design and manufacturing ,so u can send your enquiry to  sales2005@kinglaikygift.com  .


   For daily use and lifestyle gifts are umbrella, pillow /plush toys/ advertising towel /slipper are the more popular.All these gifts are suitable for mother's Day /Halloween/Thanks Giving Day and Christmas .


It is a popular office supplies: pen, notebook, portfolio and sticky note pad ect .

Office gifts.jpg