Do You Know Where The Business Gifts Are Used?

- Oct 20, 2017-

First of all, we need to understand the definition of business gifts. Business gifts are gifts used by enterprises or groups to conduct business exchanges, strengthen cooperation and contact. Most of the recipients of business gifts are external enterprises or groups and individuals, with mutual aid, cooperation and win-win as the goal, so the value and cultural characteristics of the demand are more obvious. According to the different needs of subdivision, business gifts can be further divided into two categories: symbolic gifts and communicative gifts.

Symbolic gifts: mainly for the display and publicity of brand image, business gifts of major external activities can also be used as symbolic gifts. This gift is mostly the form of group to the group, focusing on the enterprise concept, with the image display. Logo business gifts basically do not need to consider the recipient's gift demand, but has a strong corporate custom gift features. For example, business models to feature a custom-made gold product model, to an organization logo engraved jade seal, with some logo porcelain etc..

Communicative gifts: This is the narrow sense of business gifts that we often say. Mainly used in daily business communication occasions, to enhance the relationship between gifts and recipients of the relationship and feelings of business gifts, recipients mainly for business partners. Customized to focus on these gifts to express their respect and care for the recipient, the recipient of the gift key consideration of individual needs, the more elegant and practical gifts are generally welcomed, such as wine, teapot, tea, calligraphy and painting etc..