Classification Of Business Gifts

- Oct 20, 2017-

1. office stationery categories: including a variety of notebook, pen, pen, letter opener, folder, bookmarks, stickers, paper bricks, business card boxes and so on

2. leather luggage categories: including a variety of computer bags, wallets, key bags, backpacks, travel bags and so on

3. types of digital computer: including U disk, card reader, headset, speaker, mouse, CD etc.

4. watch Electronics: including watches, radios, calculators, flashlights, advertising clocks, table lamps and so on

5. clothing and accessories: including a variety of cultural shirts, T-Shirts, overalls, scarves, baseball caps, ties, shirts and so on

6. Home Furnishing life class: including all kinds of hair dryer, lunch boxes, humidifier, beauty kits, manicure tools, tea and a variety of kitchen supplies, household appliances and so on.

7. sports and Leisure: including a variety of sports kettle, badminton racket, golf suit, mountaineering buckle, outdoor supplies and so on

8. class: including a variety of promotional advertising lighters, Keychains, mouse pad, photo frame, mobile phone seat, CD bags, coasters, advertising fan, advertising cup etc.

9. Technology: all kinds of glass products, jade products, YouBiKa collections, metal crafts, crystal crafts etc.

10. printing and packaging categories: including a variety of desk calendar, calendar and so on