PVC Fridge Refrigerator Magnet

Product Details

PVC Fridge Refrigerator Magnet

Material: Environmental PVC soft glue + soft magnetic magnet


Technology: Glue, Printing


MOQ: 500pcs


1.This magnet is made of industrial pvc resin

2.Safe and non-toxic product

3.Brand new item, factory made and comes in plastic bag

4.May not stick to stainless steel appliances

5.Great souvenir for many occasions!

PVC Fridge magnet.jpgRefrigerator Magnet.jpgMagnet.jpgPVC Refrigerator Magnet.jpgFridge Refrigerator Magnet.jpgPVC Magnet.jpgPVC Refrigerator Magnet .jpgPVC Fridge Refrigerator Magnet.jpgXQ8 Jesse contact from Kinglaiky.jpg

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