What is Silicone Coaster ?

- May 07, 2018-

  The silicone mat  for the coaster is a non-toxic, special and transparent silicone with  high strength, high transparency, high tearability, soft hand feeling,  strong adhesion, and small shrinkage. Has been widely used in the three-dimensional branding, clothing printing printing, ribbon, silk screen printing.


1.For  textiles: clothing signs, clothing patterns, sports gloves, such as  stone non-slip, waterproof; anti-skid shoes, socks, anti-skid socks;  handbags, travel bags, luggage and other signs, bags and other  accessories.

2. For surface treatment of leather and imitation leather.

3. For high-end electronic potting and other plastic.

4. Pattern decoration for prints.

Silicone coaster.png