stationery maintenance

- Oct 20, 2017-

Gel pen

The neutral pen contains an organic solvent, its viscosity is lower than the oil-based ink, thicker than the water-based ink, when writing, the ink through the pen tip, will be semi-solid into liquid ink. Neutral pen ink is the biggest advantage of every drop of ink are used in the pen tip, will not evaporate, leaking, which can provide a smooth silk smooth writing sense, ink flow smooth and stable. Gel pen is very simple to save, as long as the cap on the line, usually save 2 years or so will not affect the writing.

Correction fluid

Can not be placed in high temperature, placed in high temperature environment will make correction of the chemical composition of the variation, the modification effect will be worse; keep the correction liquid up to keep the correction fluid placed in order to let the metal pen spring in the normal state, To the other material of the space squeeze, so that when used only a gentle coating can make the bottle within the correction fluid normal flow out; to avoid the fire source, the correction of liquid components in the methyl cyclohexane mainly to accelerate the fast drying , Increase the lubrication, to help even the effect of smear, but the case of heat and open flame has a burning hazard, so the correction fluid should try to avoid the fire source.

Tape is stored between room temperature of 15 ℃ -35 ℃, do not place or save in the high temperature and humidity, temperature changes, direct sunlight; before use to wipe the paper on the residual moisture and oil, otherwise it will affect the paste effect; Used to paste the rugged, relatively thin paper or heat will be on the object; save not to be stored in the heavy under the material to prevent pressure loss; the use of the process of sticking instability or bending, please check the mouth with or without a fault Or paste it into debris.


Save the best time to take fresh bags into the refrigerator. So one or two weeks is not a problem. So long after basically playing dirty, so threw away. Do a good job of the beautiful model is not willing to destroy the best to save this, or put on the outside for a long time easy to dry. Can also be put into the egg shell, so that a few days and nights regardless of it, it is still intact (soft) as ever.