Stationery gifts more welcomed by enterprises

- Oct 20, 2017-

Stationery gift can better spread the brand culture of enterprises, and expounds the brand connotation. With the development of life, gift Notepad is no longer regarded as "durable goods", and its design is also from a simple gift Notepad need to change into the pursuit of health, environmental protection, consistent with their own personality. Many other industries have switched to the field of gift, gift and notepad, so the Chinese gift and notepad industry is catching up with the fashion pace of the clothing industry.

Compared to alcohol and tobacco, digital products, stationery brands really set foot in the gift industry, the time is much later, but stationery gradually become gifts, but quickly become a hot new favorite. In just a few years, sales of stationery and gifts have risen to about 20%~25% of sales of gift companies. Such a large market, stationery, gifts for the development of the creation of unlimited business opportunities.

Whether in Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen stationery gift show, more and more enterprises break through the traditional stationery exhibition thinking, has established and close cooperation mode of communication exhibition gifts, stationery is a dazzling star in the Home Furnishing after small appliances. But in the gift market strong pursuit of "new", "special" of the important trend, stationery industry how to highlight the advantages and avoid disadvantages, it is particularly urgent and important.

With "not warm not fire" to describe the current stationery in the gift market performance is more suitable. In the major gifts exhibition, stationery industry "enthusiasm" seems to have been in the past, the general popularity slightly. The exhibition is an important indicator of the development of the industry, although not completely predictable, but can also get a glimpse. After all, the market demand is limited, the party will send gifts to mix a variety of gifts, so who can become the Ever-victorious general gift market "". Although there are some obstacles in the reality, but stationery products in the gift industry "rooting" is also feasible.

The ceremony domain book gift Notepad not only to achieve its own unique gift show in appearance, practicality, innovation and other characteristics, but also through a variety of positive themes and fresh elements highlight the profound thought of the giver.