Office supplies electric business developed rapidly

- Oct 20, 2017-

The Internet era has come, online shopping because of its fast, convenient, cheap, fashionable and other characteristics in the marketing process shine brilliantly. The latest statistics report of China Internet Network Information Center also shows that 37.8% of Internet users have had online shopping experience in the last year. In the coming year, the proportion of online shopping is expected to reach 58%. Therefore, the Internet itself contains a powerful market and consumer groups, if the broad market, the Internet can stick well, the future China stationery industry will be more smoothly.

Office supplies are consumables, the market demand is large, so the office supplies market development space is huge. But the traditional office supplies marketing mode is from manufacturers to agents, agents to dealers, and then from dealers to terminals, because of the long chain of sales channels, naturally lead to the growth of marketing costs. And online shopping this marketing model to solve this problem. To minimize the intermediate links, enterprises can face consumers directly, the comprehensive marketing cost is lower and less than the traditional channels, and the enterprise profit margin has been maximized.

The consumption of office supplies in China has reached 150 billion yuan. However, there are some problems in the marketing channels of the traditional office supplies direct marketing or government procurement. Competition is fierce, competition order is poor, service consciousness is relatively weak and other issues slow down the development of the industry. In recent years, with the development of social development and the changing of people's thinking and the Internet, office supplies industry also began to try Internet, and there have been some achievements.

In the rapid development of e-commerce market in the world, China's office supplies e-commerce channels have more opportunities and broader development space. Breaking the limitations of space, providing a variety of ways of off-site conversation, to win the initiative for enterprises to broaden the market, to facilitate shopping for consumers, but also to achieve the win-win effect of enterprise and consumer satisfaction.