Gift porcelain appreciation knowledge

- Oct 20, 2017-

Four basic requirements, identification of ancient ceramics, namely: to distinguish the authenticity and broken time, Ding mouth, evaluation value, and this is the identification of the content. According to the research of ancient ceramics, some of the provisions of identification of community several years Xiangyanchengxi, a more detailed description of the relevant matters.

Distinguish true from false

Here we can improve the authenticity of the authenticity from the comparison of true and false goods, false goods, false techniques and so on. To distinguish the authenticity, only know the true character is clearly not enough, also need to know the rules, characteristics of counterfeit goods, can distinguish between right and wrong, is the so-called enemy can ever victorious.

Common antique ceramic varieties. As is known to all, there are two reasons for the emergence of antique ceramics in the society, namely, some fake pottery and porcelain artifacts in ancient china.

First, the love of some ancient ceramics, because the real thing is too small or difficult to get copied, mainly because of the feudal emperors. As emperor Yong Zheng loves the Song Dynasty kilns porcelain, the palace collection is not meet the need to play, they often will palace of Song Dynasty porcelain kiln factory make genuine imitation. This situation has been in the past, but how much imitation, the quality of imitation products are different.

Two, just for profit. Since the yuan and Ming Dynasty that in modern times, many good ancient porcelain kilns, spared no expense for deliberately. The price of the genuine goods is high, and the supply is short of demand. So good some of the acts, is set for master master copy, or by self imitation.

The matrix is not too heavy or too light, this is because the imitations are different from the materials used in the genuine, and can not be the same. Modern fake ancient ceramics, fake object analysis fetal glaze composition, formulation of computer etc. the latest technological means, and the simulation is ancient kiln atmosphere, and the imitation of ancient kiln, which is in the antique and glazes, feel, appearance be true, is not easy to distinguish the authenticity of identification, but can go through from other aspects of genuine and counterfeit goods, mainly reflects the social and cultural factors in people of different age on the artifacts.

The tire quality, general small enamel. Imitation artifacts when the social productivity, the means of production, etc., than the imitation is the production progress, and counterfeiters also fear that do not really fine is not fine, when fetal glaze processing to make full use of production technology conditions of the contemporary, it is often in the fine degree of ifheavier.

Shape lost antique style. This is the most crucial point. As everyone knows, in different periods, people of different social philosophy, aesthetics, science and technology and other social and cultural differences are huge, can not overlap, the true saying that the ancient Greek philosopher said; people can not enter the same river. Therefore, antique works no matter how carefully study imitation object, to imitate ancient modeling features, still it is inevitable to have built in imitation of the distinguishing mark of the times, to leave traces. This seems a bit mysterious, stay behind us lists a few examples of uncertain identification.

The outline lines are stiff. This is also the identification of fake goods to a breakthrough. Because imitation is imitation & &, any master production in mind there is a production by the Lambon, Lambon constraints, can not, only dedicated to & yihuhuhuapiao.  And it is obvious that the contours of the various parts of the imitations are carefully made, and they must appear stiff and rigid, far less than the smooth and natural nature of the genuine. This is the general character of all imitations, and it is the nature of imitation and inherent and insurmountable.

No smooth feeling after use. Most of the genuine ceramics have been used for a long time, and all the watches are natural, not too strong, not too weak, and moderately smooth. (except: & & Qing Dynasty palace of Qing Dynasty in the library of goods every year a large number of porcelain kiln firing into the palace, stored in the warehouse, has never been used, the goods & Library & although some also have a history of nearly three hundred years, but without the use of features, is the new & old & device.) Fake antique porcelain production, the time is not long, with a little of course not handled, the smoothness of ancient porcelain. Some fake antique porcelain in spite of the old people (as our old ways to speak in detail below), but the old feeling smooth and not too natural, man-made traces of dew.

The characteristics of the imitations mentioned above are not likely to be clearly displayed on a specific object at the same time. But as long as we know this truth, we can see it carefully and grasp the two points at the same time, and there will be a breakthrough, which can be carried out smoothly.