How to distinguish between the dermis and the artificial leather

- May 21, 2018-


Dermis is made from animal skins and is conceptually relative to man-made leather made from chemical fiber material.In the market,the genuine leather is divided into the first ,the second layer leather and the synthetic leather. The price of the three kinds of skin is decreasing in turn.


With the development of social science and technology, artificial leather technology has also become more mature, and product quality has been greatly improved. In particular, in terms of artificial leather, it can be confusing, and it is similar to natural leather in many aspects such as breathability, flexibility, tactile and appearance. The price is much lower than that of natural leather. Therefore, in order to improve our ability to discriminate, we now introduce some simple and direct methods for reference.


The leather surface has clearer pores and patterns. The yellow leather has well-balanced fine pores. The yak skin has coarse and sparse pores. The goat skin has scaly pores. There are no pores on the leather surface, which is an important feature to identify the true and false leather.The difference between the first layer of cowhide and the dermis.


All leather has an odor of leather; while leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.


A bit of fiber is torn from the back of the leather and artificial leather. After the light is ignited, the pungent smell is made of artificial leather. The corner burns and tastes, but not the odour of hair.


The surface of the dermis has good water absorption, whereas the false skin, on the other hand, has better water resistance. Fingers can be used to pick up some water, wipe on the surface of the garment, observe its water absorption, such as good water absorption, for the dermis, poor water absorption or no water absorption, most of fake leather.


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