Business gift planning

- Oct 20, 2017-

Planning is an important part of business advertising gifts, including planning strategies to determine gifts (in marketing activities), style (performance of the company's characteristics and ideas), implementation plan. Planning to keep the direction of business gifts consistent with the overall marketing campaign, so that the best results can be achieved.

Planning points:

1.commercial advertising gifts should be consistent with the company's overall marketing activities, advertising gifts to promote the effect of the overall market promotion activities.

2. business gift activities to maintain consistency, which requires planning has a certain time span. Long term gift planning has better market promotion effect than short-term temporary scheme. 3. planning requires effective communication, only to fully understand your needs, to recommend the appropriate program for you.

4, tracking the latest trends in gifts, new gifts in order to impress customers.

5. avoid the constraints so that marketing activities can be carried out successfully.

For example:

1: enterprise office supplies such products include paper brick, book, folder, which can be used for commercial advertising gifts, can also be used in the unit interior, is advertising a significant place in the book, the folder can also increase company profile, suitable for office gift.

2: advertising pen is small, practical, versatile, regardless of a large number of distribution or special gift, have the appropriate choice, including: ball point pen, signature pen, modeling pen, brand pen, etc..

3: advertising lists remind people of time and remind you of your brand. Medium and high-end gifts. Including: plastic shell table, metal shell table, multi-function table and so on. 4: advertising clothing real "intimate" contact, so that the brand deep into people's hearts.

Including: T-shirt, T-shirt, jacket, vest, advertising cap, scarves, ties and so on.

5: electronic products practical and technical, modern people naturally prefer scientific and technological gifts.

Including: calculator, radio, electronic calendar, PDA, electronic health care products, etc.. 6: leather leather charm and delicate like nature itself is commonly used in high-end business gifts.  Including: name card holder, key bag, cosmetic bag, purse, briefcase, silver clip.

7:  Desk boutique with gorgeous appearance and exquisite quality, with exquisite advertising signs production, is popular in recent years, the official business occasions of high-end gifts.

8: crystal product itself thorough, crystal clear, refraction and brilliant, noble quality at a glance.

Using artificial crystal material, it can be processed into a variety of shapes, with exquisite packaging, suitable for important activities to commemorate and issue awards.

9: practical gift bag products, suitable for meetings, seminars, exhibitions, including: coin bag, pen bag, luggage, computer bag, leisure bag, briefcase, etc.

10: household products so that the memory of corporate brands, in-depth into every corner of people's lives, including suitable for exhibitions, promotional gifts of low-grade gifts, as well as Swiss Army knives, brand-name appliances and other high-end VIP gifts.